VPE Basic Kit

Superior AccuTrak® advanced patented technology has never been so affordable! The AccuTrak® VPE Basic Kit is for technicians who require only the essentials to detect leaks using airborne ultrasound. As with all AccuTrak® Leak Detectors, the VPE finds leaks of any kind of gas or refrigerant without changing tips or components. Works equally well to find compressed air leaks, nitrogen leaks – even vacuum leaks! AccuTrak® Ultrasonic Leak Detectors can find leaks as small as the equivalent of 1.5 oz per year of refrigerant, or can hear a 5 psi leak up to 30 feet away.



Product Description

Kit Includes:

• VPE Leak Detector
• Headset
• Hard Case
• Battery
• User’s Manual

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