VPE-GN Gooseneck Pro-Plus Kit

The Patented Superior AccuTrak® VPE-GN “Gooseneck” represents state-of-the-art technology for pinpointing leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The new 9½” flexible Gooseneck provides better detection in hard-to-reach places, and is great for automotive applications too. AccuTrak® is extremely sensitive to the ultrasonic sound of a turbulent gas leak. Using the latest “heterodyning” technology it translates the sound to a lower frequency which your ear can interpret. The VPE-GN maintains the original sound characteristics making it possible to distinguish leaks from other competing background sounds. AccuTrak® is so sensitive you can actually hear the blink of an eye, yet most background noise will not interfere with detection accuracy. Like all Superior AccuTrak® instruments, the VPE-GN easily detects leaks of ANY gas or refrigerant, compressed air, and even vacuum leaks.


Product Description

The AccuTrak® VPE-GN Pro-Plus Kit is our most comprehensive VPE-GN Kit, for the serious technician who needs the maximum capability from an ultrasonic instrument with a GooseNeck.  The VPE-GN Pro-Plus Kit includes the upgraded professional Noise Cancelling Headphones PLUS the powerful Burst Tone Sound Generator, in the larger case to keep everything together.  The VPE-GN Pro-Plus Kit offers unrivaled functionality and versatility for a fraction of the cost of any competitive system with similar performance.  Find any kind of leak, in any environment, find bad gaskets and door seals – and do it all well, in hard-to-reach places you can’t even see!  If you do a variety of work, and need a cost effective professional kit that can do it all, the Superior AccuTrak® VPE-GN Pro-Plus Kit is for you.


• VPE-GN Leak Detector
• Sound Generator
• Noise Cancelling Headset
• Touch Probe
• Waveguide
• Large Hard Case
• Battery
• User’s Manual

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