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Welcome to leak-detector.co.uk. We are the leading supplier of leak detection equipment in the UK.
If you wish to purchase the best value for money leak detection system available this is the place to be.
For compressed air, gas and fluid leak detection, ultrasonic leak detectors are the best option available.
We supply all types of leak detection equipment. The leak detectors can detect gas leaks, refrigerant leaks, compressed air leaks, nitrogen leaks, vacuum leaks and more! The tools are not affected by wind, sunlight or sudden temperature changes and do not require sensor replacement or calibration.
We are based in Sunderland and have been selling the leak detection equipment around the UK since 1994.

Detect leaks and save money

The production of compressed air is expensive, a 1mm leak around a half-inch pipe joint will not be heard without ultrasonic leak detection equipment. At 6 bar, this leak is costing between £300.00 and £500.00 per annum with electricity costs of 7-9p per kwh. Typically, you will have hidden upwards of 70 leaks.

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